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One good reason not to follow your passion - Claufficious Entrepreneurship Advice

To succeed in life or business, you do not necessarily need to follow your passion; you need to concentrate on what you do best instead. Everyone of us is born with lots of passions and we love many things or dream of doing lots of stuff, so why not investing in our biggest passion?

During the 70’s there was an idea surfacing that following your passion will lead you to success so many people followed. In the latter years people started to reach a conclusion to that advice and that is not always positive. It seems that by following you passion for success has less linking to education, skills or experience, therefore passionate people could run into big issues in their way to convert their passion into profitable businesses.

Basically the reason not to follow your passion is that you can be very passionate about one thing, but do not be necessary very skilled at or able to really master it. One example: you're crazy about music, love singing songs but your voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Of course you could sell or produce music but I hope you got my point.

The idea that I want to introduce here is that of course if you are passionate about something and are also able to master that thing than you should definitely trigger that. Unfortunately not all of us can match the passion with the skill, so in that case you need to concentrate on the one thing that you can do best and become passionate about it. That skill that you master is where you are the authority at and where you need to concentrate on to reach success.

The conclusion: do not do what you love, learn to love what you do instead.

Another argument to sustain this idea is that people really cannot handle passions like businesses because they are simply too attached to them and miss being pragmatic. Or because people enjoy the things they love but hate the work that surrounds that passion. On the other hand if you have a skill, and that is easily found anyhow, then you can start right away to invest in it. And that what you usually invest first is time, the only thing which you cannot own so you need to plan it very carefully. On the other hand, with a passion, time does not play such an important role and that would end up being bad for your success.

So how do you transform a skill into your business?

First you need to identify that skill. Just look at what you do best, what you master or that at what you are an authority on. See, for example, the reason why the people at work are coming to you for help or for what your friends ask your support for. Now you need to see if that skill solves a problem, or brings something new into a popular or, even better, rare area (market). It is very important that your chosen skill solves an issue.

Next thing to do is to concentrate on becoming as good as possible with that skill by investing hard work on developing it. Read books, practice a lot, become a master of that skill, find ways to measure your success and “jump into it” by going out of your conform zone.  After you reach that level you’ll also start to enjoy it and if you enjoy doing something then there is a good chance to become passionate about it. There is just a small step from this point to transform that skill into something that will make you proud doing and that is something that you’ll also love.

― Claudiu

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Why not following your passion can be a good thing?

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Alle Schweizer Neuwagen Rabatte auf einer webseite gelistet
I’m getting many questions on, the Swiss car deals comparison database, about  how can it be used for getting the best deal at car purchase, where the data is coming from, how to’s and why’s, free or not, etc. so I decided to write this post to clarify on all that.

First, a bit of background information on As you might have noticed I’m from Switzerland so this site is related to that country's automotive market.

As mentioned in the short introduction, the idea came actually from a need, rather two needs. The first one was to find a better offer for a new car that I wanted to purchase and was so bored and pissed to have to search thousands of sites and visit all dealers in the region for finding the right offer for me.

Living in Switzerland and looking for a car deal? Meet!

Of course you can always pay the catalog price and escape the effort of getting "more for your money" but I am not that type of person and always want to get the maximum out of my investments, after all I'm working hard for it.

The second need was that I needed to find a topic for my MBA Entrepreneurship exam which was to build a business plan, so I took the first need and converted it in the solution for the second. The result was the business plan for, Win-Win :-)

But let’s go back to the problem I was facing. So let’s suppose you’re searching for a new car but do not want to settle just with the catalog price, where you pay what you’re told, but you want to get something more for your money. This "more" can be many things, such as: extended insurance, additional extras, reduced leasing rate or just price discounts. Assuming that you have the same problem, what do you do? I'll tell you what I did, I started to research in the Internet and open, read, collect information then "surf" to the next site and do the same. This for each of the car makes that I was interested in. Sounds like a lot of work isn't it? Believe me IT REALLY IS!

After many days and weeks of searching, comparing, calling, reviewing, consulting, visiting car dealers or shows to get the most suitable and advantageous offer for my new car I ended up very tired and confused. My conclusion? A central database that will list all the car offers and deals  by car make or type of offer will make the search a LOT EASIER. Then the idea came up, why don't I create a web portal to list that and provide help for people in the same situation as I was?

As as result of that idea, was "born". That's the story behind. Moreover, based on the same idea and the popularity of this site I decided to offer the same solution for the German car market, therefore starting April 2015. The website is called and is also accessible directly from 

Now let me just provide answers to some of the most common questions.

What is about?
A collection of most of the deals, discounts or offers available on the Swiss car market, with most of the car makes and garages.

How can I or should I use it?
You can simply profit out of the available information, select your most suitable deal and then use this information to contact the dealer to get the best offer for your money.

Can I order or purchase directly from
NO, this site is only a source of information. Your advantage comes from the fact that you do not need to invest weeks in searching the best deal on your own (see above problem description)

Where the data is coming from?
The data is been collected manually from all the official car dealers and makes websites and published centrally on for your reference.

What does it cost me?
All the data and information available on is offered completely FREE OF CHARGE.

I hope that I could help you better understand the idea and purpose of my site. Should you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact me.

― Claudiu

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All car deals in Switzerland on a list, introducing!

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

21st century job hunting and customer prospecting requires 21st century technology.  Gone are the days of sealing dozens of envelopes closed with a wet sponge and mailing off your resume and portfolio to prospective employers.  The job market these days requires candidates to maintain a certain competitive edge; one that won’t so easily be achieved unless you take the necessary steps to ensure your online presence is top-notch, tech-savvy, and professional. 

Do I need a portfolio Website?

Um yes!  Absolutely.  Portfolio websites aren’t just for individuals entering into a creative niche, either. They can be for everyone and anyone who’s job it is to create something.   Whether you’re a writer, a coder, a developer, an artist, a designer, an architect, a photographer – a portfolio website will suit you. Think of them as your virtual resume.  They are a visual representation of who you are, the projects you’ve undertaken, your achievements, and your background – all woven into a beautifully designed (yet simple and affordable) website.  Sounds complex?  Don’t worry it’s not.  The project will take you a few hours, but it’ll go a very long way in making you stand out as a driven, organized, technologically current, and professional candidate.

What should your Portfolio Website do?

1. Showcase your best work with a simple design
This might seem intuitive, but it’s not for everyone.  Make sure you go into designing your portfolio website with the right frame of mind.  The purpose of your site should be to create a web space that showcases your best work (not all of your work). Keeping this in mind, your design and web presence should be clean, slick, and to the point.  Yes, fancy websites are awesome to stare at for hours on end – but your portfolio website shouldn’t detract from the work you’re showcasing (unless, of course, you’re a web developer or designer and the work you’re showcasing is the website itself).  Let your work speak for itself.  Your web design is just there as the framework.

2. Have an easy to navigate layout
Your web design should be simple, but your navigation should be even simpler. Your portfolio viewers shouldn’t land on your website and find themselves weaving through an intricate maze. Your viewers should have no problem at all understanding the layout of your website, and navigating to the page they seek.  Like I said, keep it simple.

3. Display a clear Call To Action (CTA)
Your call to action will depend on the purpose of your site.  Are you trying to land a job working for another company?  Are you freelancing your services?  Whatever your goal may be, your call to action should be clear, visible, and drive your traffic to “convert”.  A site conversion means you’ve reached your goal – whatever that might be.  Perhaps your goal is to grow a subscriber list. In that case, your CTA should be a subscriber button.  Perhaps you want your traffic to buy your services. Your CTA should be to request a quote from you. Your traffic shouldn’t need to look too hard to find your CTA.  In fact, they shouldn’t need to look at all. That’s why it’s called a “call to action”.  Make them clear, big, and they should always (always, always, always – say that 10 more times) stand out.

So we’ve nailed down the basics.  You’re now ready to begin the portfolio website setup!

Obtain the basics for starting a website      

Before you can even consider the design and setup of your portfolio website, you’ll need to walk through the preliminary setup steps to create your website’s foundation.  Web hosting comes first.

Select a Web Hosting Solution

In order for your website to be publicly accessible to the World Wide Web, you need to rent a space in a server for your website to live.  To do so, you’ll need to pay for a web host.

Web hosting isn’t a terribly expensive cost to starting a website though it is a necessary means to the end.  Understandably, you’ll want to secure the best, most affordable, and secure hosting solution for your site – so be sure to check out web hosting reviews in order to choose the best one.  If you’re a student or on a budget, there are a few ideal solutions for you that will do the job at the right price.

Most web hosts will give you a free domain name when you buy their web hosting package.  Whether you pay for your domain or you get it for free, you’ll need to acquire one before you reach the next step in the process – installing WordPress on your site.  Feel free to be creative with your name, but I’m always a believer that using your name dot com (as in is one of the most professional ways to go.  Plus, owning your name as a domain name is always going to be useful to you down the line no matter how much your career path evolves or changes.

If you’re lost and confused about how to choose a web host, no worries, you’re not alone.  It’s not such a confusing process if you know what to look for in a web host and the questions to ask.

Once you’ve secured a domain name and web hosting, you’re ready to progress to the next step.

Install WordPress on your site

WordPress is an open source website content management systems.  It’s one of the most robust website platforms in the world.  Fun fact:  every second, six WordPress posts are published.  Craziness!  Over 70 million websites are WordPress websites.  So, by choosing this free and incredibly functional, easy to use platform, you’re setting your portfolio website up for success.  Wahoo!  Now, let’s get started.

For the sake of a clear explanation, we’re going to assume that you purchased Bluehost as your web hosting solution.  Bluehost is a great host so I’ll use them as an example, but, for the record, most web hosts will follow the same or similar process for installing WordPress on your website.  If you chose another host, you’ll still be able to glean insight on how to install WordPress by reading through these next few steps.  The ultimate goal for this step is to install WordPress on the domain that you acquired when you purchased web hosting.

1.      Login to your Bluehost account using your hosting credentials and navigate to your dashboard. You’ll want to choose “website” from the top menu.

2.      Next choose “install now” and follow the process.  It’ll take you a few clicks and it’s an extremely intuitive process to follow.  

3.      Click continue when you land on the next main screen

4.      Next you’ll be prompted to choose where to install WordPress (on which domain).  When you purchased your web hosting, you’ll have already decided on a domain name for your site. Choose to install WordPress on that domain.

5.      Finally, you’ll be prompted to set the following:
a.       A title for your site
b.      The admin username
c.       The admin password
Once you agree to the terms and conditions (and store your username and password somewhere safe) click “install now”. This will take you to the installation page.

6.      You’ll receive an email when the installation is complete and it will prompt you to login to your WordPress dashboard.When your WordPress installation is all set, you’re ready to move onto the next step – preparing the portfolio.

Preparing the Portfolio

Congratulations! If you’ve reached this step, you successfully managed to purchase web hosting and to install WordPress on your website.  You are well on your way to creating the ideal, professional website portfolio. 

1.  Gather your Work
You’ll need to make sure you have digital copies of all of your work that will be featured in your portfolio.  Weed out the sub-par work.  Only feature your most creative, brilliant work.  Your portfolio should highlight the best of the best.  There’s no need at all to include everything you’ve ever done.  In fact, that could be more harmful than beneficial to your cause.

2.  Choose a theme
WordPress is your platform to build a site, but your WordPress theme will dictate how your website looks to any visitors who land on it.   You can choose a free theme or a premium theme (which costs money).  There are thousands of themes available to you so choose the one that looks best to you and will work best for your portfolio site!  If you’re looking for more direction, read this article by Colorlib that outlines the best WordPress themes for portfolio websites.  If you choose a robust premium theme, chances are you can avoid the next bullet (choosing a portfolio plugin) because you’ll have the framework to create your portfolio within your theme.  If you choose to go for a free theme, you’ll likely need to choose a plugin (next bullet) that is specially made to feature portfolios. 

3.  Select a portfolio plugin (optional)
If you’ve chosen a free theme, you’ll likely need to choose a portfolio plugin.  Some are free and some are for purchase.  Ultimately, which plugin you choose is up to you and what you plan to do with it!  Remember, the goal is to feature your work in a simple, clear, and professional manner. As long as the plugin does its job, it doesn’t really matter whether you chose a free option or a fancy-schmancy paid plugin.  Check out this article by Elegant Themes featuring some of the best WordPress portfolio plugins. 

Creating the Portfolio

You have your website setup and now you have the tools to support your portfolio. Awesome, now what steps must you take to curate the ideal portfolio website?

Here’s the thing: this part is different for everyone.  Perhaps that’s not what you’re looking to hear.  Perhaps you’re looking for someone to tell you step-by-step every little detail you need to make your portfolio perfect. But the cold hard truth is that your portfolio website should be unique and should be you-centric.  Using a canned solution or copying Joe Shmo’s portfolio design and approach won’t do you any good. Depending on your goals, the type of person you are, and the type of work you’re trying to showcase, your next steps to create your portfolio will be very unique and should be individualized to feature you not only as a professional, but also as a person. 

So I won’t give you the answers, but I’ll give you a few pointers.  Keep the following things in mind while you mold yourself a portfolio website:

1.  Be yourself! 
Your portfolio shouldn’t just feature your work, it should also feature YOU.  Add a unique about page that highlights your personality and the type of person that you are.  Employers and potential customers like to work with PEOPLE not robots.  Add in a bit of personality and let yourself shine.

2.  Highlight your awards and achievements
This can be on a separate page, or it can be on your home page.  Either way, don’t forget to include those achievements!

3.  Start a blog and feature it on your portfolio website
People don’t only want to see your work; they also want to see that you’re actively engaged within the community and space that you work in.  Blogs are the perfect way to display your knowledge, your interest, and your self-drive.

4.  Include a contact page
Even if your contact page isn’t your CTA, it should still be incredibly easy to reach you.  Include a contact form and include as many forms of contact on your site as possible.  The easier it is to reach you, the more likely it is that you’ll be reached. Simple as that.

5.  If you have testimonials, show them
Even if they’re screenshots from your LinkedIn account, honest words from real people will surely help your cause.  

6.  Keep it simple
Remember, let’s not overdo it.  Your portfolio website should clearly convey your purpose.  It should be easy to use, simple to navigate, clear, clean, and concise.  Flare and flash is great to a certain extent – but the minute you start overthinking your design, you’ll start distracting your traffic.  Stay focused. 

Good luck and happy building!

Article written by our guest writer Eden Fried

Eden Fried is a book nerd, an exercise junkie, and a freelance writer.  She recently quit her day job and bailed on law school to pursue a career as a freelancer online. Since then, she's spent her time learning how to earn a full-time salary off of freelancing, all while traveling the world and working from her laptop.  You can follow her journeys at

Beginner's Guide to Creating a Portfolio Website

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Today am going to publish my review for one of the cars that is extremely popular in my country, the Porsche 911 Cabriolet. This sports car is the ultimate toy for men but there are also many women that enjoy these pleasures.

Thanks to my good friend Valentino, I got to enjoy the drive into a 2012 model. This was like a dream come true for me because I was always fascinated by this car and wanted to buy one for myself since I realized that I feel enthusiastic about cars. I was used to follow these models in magazines, know most of the details, discuss and dream along with my friends about it in my younger years. Now, in my 40s (Yes, I know ... but better late than never, right?) I finally saw fifty percent of my dream come true and tested one. We all need to start somewhere and keep our goals alive isn't it?

Porsche 911 cabriolet - Beetle on steroids - Claufficious Car Review

This was actually a very good thing to do before purchasing because now I can afford to buy so it was perfect to really drive it before taking the decision. It was like having the confirmation on the accuracy of the dream, if you wish. So that was me taking the key to my dream car and really sitting in it for the first time. Actually I have sat and drove Porsche before like Cayenne, Panamera or Boxster, but this was the one time where it really counted for the 911.

Even the key looks great at this car but how about the engine start sound? Are you ready? OK, ignition.... and my skin was already goose bumps before the engine started, but what the heck? It was like starting a beetle, that thinly mosquito sound which completely surprised me. To be honest I was expecting a muscle car like sound, something like a big block roar and forgot that this is actually a street tamed 3.4L 6-cylinder. Slightly disappointing start but I was in one of my dream cars isn't it, the engine sound alone does not describe the car so I looked at the interior.

I could not miss the look of the ornaments and ivory colored leather and although the seats and driving position are really good, the quality of the plastic materials does not really stand out with anything. The leader is and looks great but the painted plastic is not even close to imitate the leader, moreover the paint was scratched off from friction and the black background underneath appeared. Second surprise and not the good type again, hmm.

After starting to drive it I found myself back in the first feeling very soon and forgot the initial setback. The car was sticking to the road perfectly, running very smooth and effortless in the curves and after pushing the throttle a bit more, there it was, the wildcat roar so the real goose bumps was back. The engine has a huge power hidden in it and when you discover it than its puts a big smile on your face. The design of the interior makes it very comfortable but keeps the sporty nature as well, the only thing I really hope is that the quality of that plastic will be better in the new models.

This car is great, was my first feeling and I got now the confirmation for it. Another thing that makes it great is, in my opinion, the fact that it is not the type of car that all wannabes would drive to show off. It's decent but still extravagant enough to make you feel great on the same time. I mean you can drive this Porsche every day and still fit into the picture quite well but if you are the swanky type, Porsche has the solution for you as well, try the GTS.

Well, to conclude my review, it seems that I searched and found the confirmation that the 911 Cabriolet is really a car that I would very much what to own, even with the small flaws I discovered, I'm still convinced to have one of my own, even if that will be the newer model.

Claufficious Car Review Verdict: ★★★★★

Living in Switzerland and looking for a car deal? Meet!

Image remixed from Porsche.

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Beetle on steroids - The Porsche 911 cabriolet

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Monday, March 28, 2016

This post is the one that started the car section of my blog. I'll be publishing all my impressions about the car tests that I do. This will not be a technical testing nor will it be an official report coming from a car manufacturer but just my feeling during and most important, after the completed test. I will use my own “filters” to evaluate the cars and state here right from the beginning that I will use a very different style to do it, a style which I hope to incite you a bit while reading

The goods and bads of Jaguar F-Type S Convertible - Claufficious Car Review

Now, the honor to be first in line for the review goes to the Jaguar F-Type S Convertible, a car that fascinated me from the beginning. By the time I saw the first pictures of the F-Type remake even in the prototype phase, I thought that it will be a blast on the road and a worthy successor of the classical Jaguar Type F. Unfortunately I do not think the same after seeing the finished model which is, do not get me wrong, still very attractive but does not have, in my opinion, a real potential to become a classic. Of course Jeremy Clarkson would strongly disagree here but this is what I believe and the time would give me right … or perhaps not.

I am not saying that the new F-Type is not a very attractive car, quite the opposite the design is great, with small exceptions, and I am pretty sure that it will find many buyers but unfortunately for some, they will need to fit into two categories: not taller than 1.75 m and very wealthy. Sure you would say this is subjective coming from a non-millionaire 1.85 m tall person but if you do not have the necessary “small change” of about 115 thousand Swiss Francs, for the standard model on your account then all you can probably do is to become a fan with a nice poster on your wall or perhaps an envier of the people that can afford one.

But lets talk about the car, the design is great although in my opinion the front could have been more sportier and aggressive. The rear is however very nicely done with one exception on the deployable rear side spoiler (deflector) which I find too be very thin, looking more like an accessory. The interior is very modern, thing which will probably scare an aspiring race drive and might make him choose, for example a Porsche Boxster instead which is by the way lots cheaper, but people's taste is the other question. This interior seems to be build for a long, comfortable drive more than for a speed tour. About that now, as I am thinking at my test drive, I cannot stop thinking that my haircut was a mess after.

The goods and bads of Jaguar F-Type S Convertible - Claufficious Car Review

No matter how you'll set-up the seat your hairstyle will be all over the place after, or your bald head will be very shiny. If you're taller than the average men you lost the hairstyle battle. I find that Jaguar could have build in a better wind protection or something that would deflect the airflow over the head but unfortunately it happens exactly the opposite and all the airflow is hitting your hair so if you always wished to have an afro hairstyle and you did not know how to get it, this is your chance to finally have one. I am pretty sure that there are such people out there.

The sound is on the other side great, but only if you switch to the sport mode, otherwise the cat is tamed, but if you go "sport" then the goosebumps is guaranteed. This is what I love about the new F-Type, the engine sounds just great. The next great thing is the way it "sits" on the road and its appetite to endlessly "eat" the curves which makes you just want to find yourself driving over the St. Gotthard Pass, middle in the lazy summer sun with the hood open ..... hmmmm I already dream about it but unfortunately the reason pulls me back into the hard reality again.

Well, all in one, should I have the necessary "bag of peanuts" I would first buy a very tight baseball cap and then acquire this car anyway. It might well not become the next classic F-Type but it's cool enough to drive it into the sunset.

Claufficious Car Review Verdict: ★★★★☆

Living in Switzerland and looking for a car deal? Meet!

Jaguar F-Type S Convertible - Up and Down the Road

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

5 reps to “monstro” - 2015’s Maserati Mostro - Claufficious Car Review

After this year’s Concorso D’Eleganta Villa d’Este exhibition “Seventies Style – The Jet Set is back” on Saturday, May 24th 2015 the world has seen yet another GT “Monstro” been born and that from a new legendary team-up by Maserati and Zagato. Created to pay tribute to a past legend, the 1957 Maserati 450 S called at the time “il Mostro” because of its huge power, the newborn surprised the world in the Concept Cars & Prototypes category.

Rep1 - GT body/design, the unmistakably recognizable Maserati body as the revival of the 450 S 50’s model that run the “Le Mans” on 1957 and driven by no other then the legends like Sir Stirling Moss an Juan Manuel Fangio. It’s surprisingly using the carbon fiber chassis build by the Belgium company Automobiles Gillet - Vertigo.5 Spirit and not one build by Zagato as back in 57.

Rep 2 - Monster “middle” motor with the uplifted 4.2 liter V8 engine that should develop up to 550 HP, probably coming from the GranTurismo MC Stradale. Monstrous sound that should scare the crap out of any birds flying around.

Rep 3 - Competitive price expected after Zagato’s statement to Autoblog which confirms a cost under one million dollar which should make the car selling by itself. Well it’s actually already sold out.

Rep 4 - “side fly extensions” huge doors that also include parts of the roof which makes the access into the car more easy, although if you look at the video, you’ll need to be in good fitness shape to be able to do it.

Rep 5 - build only 5 times (perhaps up to 10, but not sure) and according to most of the sources, most probably to end hidden behind walls in a private oil sheik or billionaires collection somewhere in the wide, wide world, such a pity.

After almost six decades, the new Mostro has been build to use the newest race and modern style technologies but also to celebrate Maserati’s 100th anniversary. The GT coupe like body shape is very intriguing and attracting in the same time and although it will probably not been seen to often on the streets it has the potential to become the next dream super-car that everyone will have a poster on their walls soon and from which our grandchildren will wonder in the next 50 years to come.

― Claudiu

Photo from Maserati
Videos from and NM2255 Car HD Videos

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In 5 reps to “monstro” - Maserati Mostro

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mercedes-Benz B Class AMG? Yeah, baby, yeah! - Claufficious Car Review

Mercedes started a massive design offensive last year after turning from the "edged straight-lined” design to a sportier, curvier one. This generated a great boost in sales for them, which allowed them to re-baseline all models. One of these models is also the B Class which has been initially dedicated to families, and still is, model which received two new packages which made it extremely attractive for the sports car lover fathers, the AMG lines.

The ones among you that are married, already know how hard is to get the “OK” to invest in a real sport car without getting a “Veto” from the spouse so this is where the new AMG packages come in from Mercedes, to give you the perfect family vs. sport car compromise solution. It’s still a compromise of course and you cannot even compare it with a real sport car but it is at least providing a solution for many fathers and husbands around, me included :-).

The previous B model had of course a sport line as well but that was far too unattractive to be even considered close to a sporty looking car. This is where the new AMG packages are coming, for the new 2015 model, in action. There are two packages (at least available in the Swiss market) available, one for the exterior and one for the interior.

The AMG line for exterior brings new front and rear bumpers and LED lights but also great looking AMG wheels which make the B Class AMG really sporty. Inside you'll find great leather/stitches combinations, black leather with red stitches and a rally car like perforated leather bound steering wheel that looks fantastic. As usual the quality and the materials are really great so nothing to complain here.

There is unfortunately still something to complain though and that is the lack of a real AMG engine in the Mercedes offer. I do not get why they would not add that and there is actually more. I actually like the AMG blue color (162 Südseeblau) from the A Class and searched for the same on the B Class AMG line. Unpleasant surprise again, the color is not offered for this line even if you can configure your car on their site with that color !?!?.

Mercedes-Benz B Class AMG? Yeah, baby, yeah! - Claufficious Car Review

I still do not get why the car makers didn’t get the message that "customer is king". Why are they risking losing customers instead of just selling the damn car in the color and combination that the customer likes? I still do not get that.

However, the new B Class with these packages, even without a real alternative AMG engine in the offer or without the nice Südsee-Blue, is still a very attractive model for couples searching a compromise between the family features, that a wife looks at and the sporty ones which are more preferred by the husbands. Overall a very good compromise that found already a big market support and many customer orders. This proves that Mercedes finally found the winning combination to disrupt the premium MPV market yet again.

Getting rid of that ugly previous design was of course one good first step, the next was to add the AMG packages and if they will be also bringing a real AMG engine into this model, and the possibility to freely choose any color you like, then we could speak in the future about the new Mercedes-Benz family car market domination, once again.

Living in Switzerland and looking for a car deal? Meet!

Claufficious Car Review Verdict: ★★★

― Claudiu

Claufficious Car Review

Photos remixed from Mercedes and by Claufficious

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Mercedes-Benz B Class AMG? Yeah, baby, yeah!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

4 best alternative solutions for Disney, to the Pixar acquisition - Analysis of Pixar's acquisition by Disney - Case Study Conclusion

Before starting with this last post of this case study I invite you to also read the previous three posts (1, 2, 3) because that will give you the proper insight on what this study has actually been about.

So, how do you think the Disney would have done without acquiring Pixar? What would the animation industry been about without this strategic move from Disney? We will use a quick SWOT table to determine the possible alternatives and strategies that Disney would have had at hand and we'll find arguments to sustain them. There are 4 viable strategies that can be applied in this case.

4 best alternative solutions for Disney, to the Pixar acquisition - Analysis of Pixar's acquisition by Disney - Case Study Conclusion

The 4 alternative solutions introduced above, could bring the added value expected by Disney, as well as a stronger brand name and influence within the entertainment and media market. The graphic below shows how the market share is distributed.

4 best alternative solutions for Disney, to the Pixar acquisition - Analysis of Pixar's acquisition by Disney - Case Study Conclusion

Additionally, new markets will be opened for them by entering in the animation software production and distribution, making Disney the company with an almost complete product palette, as shown in the next exhibit.

4 best alternative solutions for Disney, to the Pixar acquisition - Analysis of Pixar's acquisition by Disney - Case Study Conclusion

But let’s assume that the above project cannot be finalized. Which will be than the alternative solution for Disney?

The best viable option, and the one with the most potential to boost Disney’s leadership in the animation industry, would be to acquire Square-Enix. They have collaborated with Disney before and have a big impact on the gaming industry as well as on the CGI animated movie market. The “Final Fantasy” is a good example of a successful movie and game produced by Square-Enix.

They have developed many popular games and can assist Disney in various development areas within the gaming industry. By acquiring them, Disney would expand its product palette to cover almost all areas in the animation and entertainment market. This would give them high revenues on all segments (see graph below) and an advantage against their current biggest concurrent: Time Warner Inc.

4 best alternative solutions for Disney, to the Pixar acquisition - Analysis of Pixar's acquisition by Disney - Case Study Conclusion

It is clear that Disney made the right move by acquiring Pixar, we can see how this has strengthen their leadership position in the animation industry and helped them to increase their share in the other related markets. Disney has many more alternatives at hand, on which it can be invested to further expand their domination to other markets, and we currently see how "the force awakens".

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The 4 best alternative solutions for Disney, to the Pixar acquisition - Analysis of Pixar's acquisition by Disney - 4

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